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Random Thoughts: Twas the Night before Christmas

Happy Yuletide!

Christmas is pretty much upon us, and there really is only today left to get all your shopping done, but luckily you can enjoy the Boxing Day sales today as well (?!?!). Santa seems to have put some nice presents under the tree for investors, with the Markets now recovering to levels above where we were 2 years ago (wasn’t the recovery supposed to take a decade to recover from), so for those brave enough to stay in the markets or get back into it, you must be celebrating a little more this Holiday season.

The stores seem to look busy (at least the parking lots do), but when I go in, it doesn’t seem any worse than any other Christmas, if anything it seems a little more laid back than usual, but I also don’t do much of the shopping in my house either, maybe I am missing the Flash Mobs of shoppers.

What Did I Write ?

Lots of curmudgeonly commentary by me this week in preparation for the holiday season.

  • Sunday Thoughts on MicroLoans is a video by one of Kiva’s founders about how microloans to 3rd world nations could be the right way to help your fellow person.
  • Santa does love his points is me gloating that I managed to build up a very large amount of PC Points which I am now using to buy Christmas gifts.
  • Even in this holiday season being safe is important as I pointed out in Christmas Security. Don’t leave those gifts in the car where everyone can see them.
  • If you are planning on getting some end of year banking done remember Holiday Hours at the Bank and plan accordingly. Even on line note the dates when transactions will go through.
  • After getting yet another early Boxing Day Sale e-mail I ranted Boxing Day Sales and What is the Price?. Given the airlines are making huge profits with all these surcharges, it’s getting a little silly about the hidden price trick.

The Santa Rally has some folks giddy about investing, but remember with the highs will come the lows, and make your profits stick too (i.e. maybe it’s time to sell?):

Holiday Hours

Another Fruit Cake
No Fruitcake, or You KNOW What Happens!

There will be some posts next week, but they may not be on every day. It will mostly be some best of posts, so enjoy these retrospectives on the year 2010, and a final Rant of the Year Post (a Top 10). Watch for that one.

Enjoy your Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Other Bookkeeping

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Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.

Author: Charles Schulz

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  1. I happen to LOVE fruit cake. I thought that it was an American thing to hate fruit cake, but I see you Canadians hate it too. Thanks for including my post on tenants, but don’t let me discourage you. The goal to to inform so that you will be eyes wide open if you decide to do it. It’s not ALL bad. In the end, you do own a home, right? If everything goes to hell I can always get the tenant out and live in the house myself.

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