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Random Thoughts: Slash Into Lent

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Lent is Here, Let’s Celebrate

Yes, it is that pious time of the Christian calendar, but we can celebrate it financially as well, by healing our financial self.

Another fun week with gas prices continuing to stay very high, threats of higher food prices (from Loblaws parent company), and China announcing a trade deficit. If the largest population in the world starts consuming at North American levels, where will that leave us all was the question that popped into my mind when I read that one. It is already causing gas usage to sky-rocket, what will be next? With the TSX suddenly plummeting on Thursday, does this mean we are in for another fun ride on the roller coaster?

More political scuttle butt in Ottawa about the Harper Government falling and a spring election. Living in Ottawa you get to enjoy Federal politics a great deal more than most Canadians. A spring election could make for a lot of interesting discussion points for me, so bring it on.

I got another sobering life event, with my oldest child turning 21 this week. The fact that I have a 21-year-old child is only mitigated by the fact that my parents have a 21-year-old grandchild. When did I get this old? Yesterday I was listening to the Sex Pistols and Nash the Slash, now I complain about the young folks music, guess that’s just the way life goes.

Lots of Lenten bravado this week from me:

  • I pointed out that you can call the CRA if you have questions, but you had better have a specific question, because you might not like the answer you get (just ask Michael James)
  • I was all afloat in an ocean of pancakes on Financial Shrove Tuesday which I thoroughly enjoyed eating as many pancakes and ham as I could
  • I am not daunted by the tepid response to my Lenten Financial Challenge folks can continue to sign up, and we’ll see if we can whip up a bit of reader frenzy on the topic
  • If anyone finds a huge lost fortune based on Found money is the Best I expect a cut. I think I may have found a friend of my parents’ who have left some money, but I’ll send the link on and see what comes of this.

As a note, I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away. I have been getting more SPAM lately again, but that is OK, it’s fun to see the weird things folks try to promote on my site (and those that scrape my content too).

From the Blogosphere

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