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The Magic Number for Debt

What is the Magic Number for Debt? What is this number? I found this interesting clip on the web about this magic number.

Mr. Clue’s humour is funny and clean (this is Suitable For Work (SFW)), but also very worrisome because there are people who think this exact way. Is

I do applaud Mr. Clue for making this video, because hopefully he is making some money on the video and will then pay his debt off with it?!?

Can we laugh at our Debt? I guess, but while funny, this video is worrisome too. Do you have friends who think like this? If so, do you laugh with them, or let them buy you things?

Debt Can Be Funny?

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  1. This is a positive and funny perspective on debt! Thanks, Mr. Clue, for this clip! There is help out there, however, and I found this great article about debt help. Maybe Mr. Jim from Bank One Visa will stop calling one day.

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