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Oldies but Goodies and Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all us Dads out there, remember this used to be the day that the most collect long distance calls were made during the year, and  with the hockey season finally coming to a close (but remember it all starts again in 3 months), I give you some of the older posts I have re-published this week on my Twitter Account.

If you look closely at my Twitter stream, I typically try to find older posts that might be similar to my new post for that day (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t).

This week’s Oldie but Goody Posts included:

  • Sunday Thought: What is Giving, asks the question, is money the only thing you can give? The answer is easy.
  • Given I posted about employment numbers on Monday, I decided to look back a year with Employment Up a Bit Again. It’s useful to remember this data is out there and we need to look back at the data.
  • I went back to one of my favorite rants with The Cost of Cheques, where I actually include a hand written flowchart, very entertaining.
  • To keep with the whole job hunting vein I included Job Hunting Update, where I outlined what I was using to try to find a job (back when I was still looking).
  • With jobs still in mind, I did include On Being Laid Off, which outlined my lay off from Nortel. I included this as much to help folks get a better understanding about me.

Hope you enjoy these older gems, and call your Dad.

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