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6 Months ’til Christmas (and Oldie but Goodies)

Xmas is Coming

Six months today is Christmas, isn’t that amazing? To me it’s more like petrifying, where has the year gone? I do know some folks who have already started Christmas shopping, and others who already have their Christmas vacation or visiting already well planned, I have neither as well.

Ho, ho, ho or better still Holy Crap!

Oldies but Goodies

This week, I was in a more irreverant mood, so the collection of older posts included some eclectic commentaries on life:

  • On Father’s Day I took advantage of that day to tweet one of my favorite posts Father’s and Money, which discusses how we all learn about money from our Dad’s (or Mother’s).
  • With the Most Important Feature of a Credit Card I take a sarcastic view of why some folks choose a Credit Card (for the wrong reasons).
  • With Financial Discretion, I was pointing out how the current generation just doesn’t seem to understand what should and should not be spoken about in terms of money.
  • My loathing of Top 10 Lists are reflected in Top 10 Bad Financial Lists, which is me poking fun at all the bloggers who have read the “handy tip sheets” that say people LOVE Top 10 lists (me I don’t).

Enjoy your Sunday and remember to start planning your Christmas too!


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  1. Christmas in our household always brings mixed emotions….my kids are happy and high spirited and I’m always depressed!

  2. My 90 yr old grandpa is likely done his Christmas shopping. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact we’re half way to another Christmas. It feels like the last one just finished.

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