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Canajun Finances Home » Sunday after Market Mayhem 2011

Sunday after Market Mayhem 2011

No I don’t think it is over, just it is the first Sunday after the Stock Market Mayhem 2011 (trademark pending), oh joy! What will the coming week bring in the markets? I have no bloody idea, I am still not completely sure but it sure as shooting will not be dull and will give financial hacks like myself plenty of fodder four blunderbuss of financial doom!

If you have been following me on the tweety you will have seen me dredge up some of my favorite OBG posts (oldie but goodie), such as:

  • I still wish I was a runner but my knees and various other parts of my body disagree vehemently with that wish.
  • I guess the question to ask is Canada STILL in a Good Place? I am not sure, but I guess we will tell over the next few weeks.
  • I have taked about Kids’ allowances before, but with this Redux post I revisit one of my favorite topics.
  • One of my favorite Golden Oldies is my post Vultures where I take a line from one of my favorite movies Casablanca and turn it into a warning on your finances.
  • I did do a series on student debt and whether a child’s education should be paid for it, but I have added links to the rest of the series in this post as well.
  • Whenever I go and talk to a bank it inevitably turns into a post on this site and with Banks and Odd Happenings that is no exception.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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