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When Great Minds Meet and Best of Sunday

There was another meeting of great financial minds this past week, with the National Capital Financial Bloggers Association (and Friends) met at their regular watering hole. The group consists of Michael James, Canadian Capitalist, Larry MacDonald, My Own Advisor, Preet Bannerjee and of course myself. The topics discussed are many, varied and diverse (with a fair amount of it monopolized by yours truly, which is one of my faults, I tend to take over discussions in large groups). This time we heard about more of Preet’s escapades with Television and New Media in general and found out why the Capitalist had been so quiet lately (recovering from illness). All in all a fun evening (with Preet driving up mostly to see us, which is wild), I’m sure the server wasn’t too fond of the fact that we did our typical frugal ordering, but what the heck.

This week on the Tweety, the topics were diverse and different (as usual):

  • The video from our friends at On Losing Everything goes to show that sometimes catastrophes can befall us at the oddest of times.
  • I keep forgetting my own advice, but Debt is Like Fat does point out that losing weight and staying out of debt are something you must be vigilant with or you can slide back badly (as I have done with my own weight).
  • I still take advantage of DRiPs: They really work, with both index funds and many individual stocks that I own.
  • Given I berated Bell on line, I did point out that Bell Sent me a Cheque as well a while ago (of course it was a pay back for over charging, but still).
  • Fun with Credit Cards is an oldie about the fun you can have with Credit Card Companies, and asking them to lower your credit limit.
  • With the Top 5 Reasons You Are in Debt, I tried to cut out the complex nature of figuring out why you are in debt.
  • Sometimes it’s great to get a bargain but Half Price Products sometimes are not the best thing to get.
  • I took a stroll down memory lane with Money Games, and how they moulded my views on money and earning money.

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  1. It was a pleasure seeing all of you guys again, and meeting Mark. I was looking for an excuse to go for a nice long drive to decompress a bit, so this was great timing!

    Preet Banerjee

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