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Air Canada Baggage Fees One Solution

On Sunday I lamented about the pending Air Canada’s new baggage fee on your first bag going to the U.S. or International, however, I think now (thanks to my daughter) come across an ingenious method for not having to pay baggage fees completely (if you are traveling to the U.S. that is).

First let me voice my absolute contempt for yet another cash grab by the Airline industry. Yet another “hidden” cost for traveling is another hideous piece of trickery by an industry that seems to want to have the same reputation as those chaps who try to trick you with a game of  “three card monty”. If I could figure out a way to somehow never have to pay these fees, I would, but I suspect even the method I will outline here, might get shut down quickly.

Methodology for Travelling with No Checked Baggage

First let us assume that you can carry two carry on bags, so you should be able to pack your “skimpies and smalls” easily enough, and if you are lucky, some toiletries, so that part of your ensemble should be taken care of. Either that or assume you can purchase your toiletries where you are going (if you are staying in a full service hotel, then you could get that for free, so you don’t need to pack things).

Next you need to start turning yourself into a checked bag:

  1. Put on a pair of underwear, to start, just to be hygienic
  2. Do you need a swimsuit? Put that on top of your underwear (or underneath if that is more comfortable)
  3. You will need a t-shirt or two, so put those on
  4. If you are going somewhere hot, layer two pairs of shorts
  5. For some places, you might actually be done, but we will continue on.
  6. You might need two dress shirts, so put those on (if one is a short sleeve shirt, maybe put that on first)
  7. Next trousers, one or two pairs is about all you could do, but who knows? Two pairs our slacks on now.
  8. Will you need a sports coat? That can go on top of all of that.
  9. Add a wind-breaker on top and voilà you are packed
Do you look like Bib the Michelin man? Yes, you do. You are also in trouble if you have to be strip searched, but maybe not. Will this work? I have no idea, but it does seem like an interesting (if not off the wall) solution to this expensive issue.
My wife has also pointed out that you can simply go to a full service resort, go down with your swimsuit and purchase any dress clothes you might need, and donate them before you leave (to the local Salvation Army). This is a little expensive given the fee is only $25 for the first bag.


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  1. I could figure out a way to somehow never have to pay these fees, I would, but I suspect even the method I will outline here, might get shut down quickly.

  2. There are airlines that give you one free bag, if you qualify (credit card). I think that is a better solution or carry on baggage.

  3. Great tips!

    I never check any bags in, so I never bother checking the fees..

    As I recall, a personal purse is allowed (crossover bag), as well as a laptop-sized bag or backpack, and a carry-on.

    This is more than enough space if you do laundry in the hotel room.

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