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September the Month of Exasperation

This was pointed out by our amigos at Boomer and Echo, however, I’d like to expound on it myself.

I don’t know when September was officially declared, “Harass, Vex, Accost, Beg or Annoy” month by the canvassing and money wanting world, but I suspect it happened when I wasn’t watching.

This month of September I have been:

  • Called thrice nightly by two separate 1-800 number, which may or may not be asking for donations, I don’t know I haven’t answered. Yes, I should answer and say, “Take me off your list”, but that does not seem to work these days.
  • Every other night around dinner time someone is coming by to canvass for some worthy (or in some cases bogus) charity. They apologize for interrupting your dinner, but I have almost asked, “What else would I be doing at 6:00 PM?”
  • Leaflets left at my door about how I am being prayed for, by one of our local churches (does that mean I have to pray for them now?).  Seriously, you couldn’t pray for folks in Africa who are starving, or prisoners of conscience, you had to pray for a pudgy, middle-aged civil servant? Your Church seriously needs to rethink your priorities

I realize that these folks are not working in any kind of concerted effort to drive me completely around the bend (but then again, maybe they are) but I am getting very fed up, and I suspect I am going to have to apologize to some poor soul after reading them the riot act about being harassed for money, when they knock on my door at 6:00 PM (again).

The alleged no call phone list seems to be a sham, as I am constantly barraged with phone calls for people asking for money, or worse to sell me something. Are charities on the no call list? I think I donate a fair amount in terms of money and time, and I’d really just like some peace and quiet, how do I make this happen?

For those who may be reading from these organizations, I do give to charities, I do donate my time, and I even pray for folks, but can you just cut a poor guy a break? I might actually give to an organization that advertised:

“… this year, we are leaving you alone, you will not see our canvassers at your door nor will you be getting phone calls from us, simply give us what you think you can afford…”

My guess would be this is never going to happen, but I can still hope.


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  1. Actually, registered charities are NOT on the no call list… I too receive all these phone calls – to the point I no longer answer 1-800 numbers – but when I did answer one a while ago I stated that I didn’t want to be called again, seeing as I had put my number on the no call list.

    Well, this woman gushed at me about how wonderful it was that charities weren’t included on this list and it was cold calls that made them all their money… I had to ask 3 times for them to add me to their no call list and finally just gave up.

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