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Random Thoughts: Referendums, Greeks & Movember ?

This time last week the world heralded a resolution of the Greek and European financial mess, this week we welcome it back with our Greek friends deciding to have a referendum about the whole thing. Being from Quebec, the word referendum is a touchy word (anglophone Quebecer). This has caused the financial markets are in a mess again, and lots of talk about weird and wild scenarios if Greece rejects this new resolution to the problem. As I commented last week, I don’t think any of this is going to be resolved any time soon or in an easy way, but that is what makes talking about World Finances just so much fun.

Given I had a big “c” scare a few years back about my prostate, I am attempting to grow a mustache for Movember to show my support for those trying to prevent and cure prostate cancer. Mrs. C8j is not happy with it (and I believe it will be gone as of December 1st), but watch this site and I may post a few updated pictures of where I stand so far. For those of you going through this, you have my best wishes and hope for a clean bill of health soon!

An all-saints week brought a lot of personal case studies (and I didn’t even mention premium bonds, stay tuned for that next week):

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 940 folks who follow me, wow!

With the financial world attempting to tie itself into a Gordian Knot, the regular commentators have some interesting views this week as well:

Carnivals this Week

I did make it into a few carnivals this week too:

Other Bookkeeping

The Manliest of Mustaches, styled by the Greatest Relief Pitcher Ever Rollie Fingers

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