Do Students Understand the Cost of University & College

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The short answer from our friends at PBS (and from my own personal experience) is a resounding, NO!

This short video from the PBS Nightly Business report outlines how many students do not understand the costs associated with going to University, or the fact that they can try to get financial help. I must agree with this whole heartedly, given what I have seen at Canadian Universities as well.

I must admit that most Canadian Universities now point prospective students (and their parents) to a web site that will outline a simplistic budget, which is helpful, but rarely complete in its outline of major costs (usually forgetting to talk about incidental costs, like travel to and from home, and day-to-day living expenses).

The thing that drives me spare is that most Universities seem to be trying to not tell students about Financial Aid that they can get to go to their schools. You hear about countless thousand scholarships and grants that go unspent, because no one applies for them, but how do you know to apply for them, when you don’t know they exist?

If someone knows of a directory of all the grants and such that a Canadian student can apply for (or even a small subset of them), please send it to me, and I will post it HERE to make sure more parents and students learn about the help that can be available to them if they go to school.

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