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I Put Pepper on My Steak and Sunday Best

After seeing the proliferation of the use of pepper spray to break of the #occupy movements sit ins, all I can think of is the infamous quote from Jean Chretien after a similar incident by the RCMP, “… For me, pepper, I put it on my plate …. ” , ZING, what a comeback.  I am kind of disgusted by the use of the spray on peaceful folk who are simply sitting in, but that is only my opinion (but I also do like pepper on my steak too).

This bleak period of November in Ottawa (in terms of sun light) does tend to make folks a little melancholy due to the lack of vitamin D and sunlight. We must push through it, and know that soon the days will start getting longer again (and when that happens it is only 4 months until spring, oh dear, that is more depressing).

After peppering Twitter with a bunch of oldie but goodie posts, here are some of them from the past week:

Enjoy your Sunday!


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