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Be Relentless

As I have said previously the answer is always No unless you ask, and it continues to be true when dealing with customer service or salespeople.

At the start of the week, I ranted about Cyber Monday? Better watch out, better not cry where I outlined how I have purchased a system from Dell, that is being held up in production (I think it is due to hard disk shortages, but no one has confirmed that for me).

Monday afternoon a friend sent me a link to the Dell Cyber-Monday page, where I found the exact system I had ordered for $160 less! Needless to say, I was livid seeing that not only was I being abused by not having a system (that I had not paid for yet) it was now on sale for 25% less and was going to be delivered a week before the date I was given for my system.

Taking my advice I sent yet another e-mail to the Dell Service Center complaining that my system’s delivery date is still showing up as November 18th on their system. I then added in my complete disgust that if I had waited to order on Cyber Monday I would have saved $160 and the delivery date for the system would have been earlier than the computer I ordered. To be accurate in my rant, I included the link to the system on sale, which matched the system I ordered, and I finally added I could cancel my order and re-order and save myself time and money.

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Yesterday yet another response appeared in my INBOX, and sure enough, Dell had read my e-mail, and started by apologizing for the delay in delivery. Still, then they astounded me by lowering the price of my ordered system by $160 however they then wrote the delivery date is still mid-December. I was delighted and surprised by this response, but it does seem to reinforce that no matter how unlikely you think a request is to be honoured, you still need to ask and let the Service Agent or Salesperson say no. You can set your mind at ease knowing at least you asked.

I am still in the same position I was in that I don’t have a system or a delivery date, but now it is 25% cheaper, so I guess I am a little happier with the Dell response.

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