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Some Thoughts on Financial Bloggers

As a mental exercise I have put together a few possible queries, conundrums and concepts about what financial bloggers like myself (yes my mind has wandered off the beaten track, and I am dragging you along to show you what I found):

How many financial bloggers do you need to change a light bulb?

None they won’t do it, but they will tell you whose fault it is that the bulb is not working in the first place, and suggest how it could have been avoided, and link to three sites which promise that they will solve the problem for you.

How would a financial blogger hunt an elephant?

Financial bloggers wouldn’t actually hunt an elephant, but would give you a top 10 list of the best methods to hunt down the elephant (that they found on someone else’s web site)

How many economic down turns have financial bloggers predicted?

10 out of the last 3 at least (I am one of the best sources for that one)

When financial bloggers go out for dinner what is ordered?

Two order beers, one has a tea, one has coffee and one orders dinner and the others watch him eat (no this really happens when the NCFBA meets (guess who orders dinner)).

Why did the cosmos (or God) create financial bloggers?

Someone needs to be wrong more often than weathermen (and husbands (and politicians (and astrologers (etc.,etc.,etc.,))))

A financial blogger will first convince you the importance of saving and investing for your future and then convince that there is nowhere safe to invest or put  your money, so you should just pay off debt, which you shouldn’t have built up in the first place, and if you don’t have debt, well, put your money in your mattress, or whatever. The better question is, if you don’t have any debt and you have money to invest, why are you reading a financial blog and not writing one!

The number of optimistic financial bloggers on the web is the same as the count of agnostic priests in the Catholic Church.

Some call financial bloggers Barstool Stock Consultants or Monday Morning Economists, however, most financial bloggers wouldn’t hang out in a bar (possibly a McDonald’s booth economist?).

Only financial bloggers can think that they can make money, writing about making money, without actually telling you how to make money, or what money should be used for (and put disclaimers that they are only suggesting all of it), and at the end of it say they don’t actually do it themselves and use the argument Do as I Say, not as I Do. (makes us sound like parents actually)

If those who do do and those who can’t teach, how do you explain a financial blogger?

Did I miss any? I challenge any financial bloggers to add to this list (and if you call it a Top 10 list I will come over and spank you!).

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  1. What an exciting read! I will have to add this ti my top-ten list of favorite blog posts (which has at least 113 entries by now).

    By the way, why not just have the elephant change the light bulb? He’s tall enough, and he doesn’t seem to have much else to do.

  2. I totally disagree on the light bulbs. If you ask ME ” how to change a light bulb?” I’ll give you a light bulb price check comparison across three major retailers (with downloadable spreadsheet), I’ll include at least 15 annotated photos of me demonstrating how to change a light bulb, I’ll suggest at least three cost-effective and energy efficient bulbs to buy, and lastly I’ll explain ways to make your bulbs last longer. Sheesh.

  3. Thanks for the laugh, Alan, especially the description about what bloggers order at the restaurant. I always thought that this was a case of modeling frugal behaviour, as we financial bloggers drone on about in our blogs. Got to set a good example, you know.

  4. Haha, too true!

    My offering: What is the difference between a financial blogger and a mainstream media journalist? The media journalist avoids bias by always including interviews of industry and government players, while financial bloggers avoid bias by never interviewing anyone but themselves.

  5. One name: Garth Turner.
    I don’t even know how to go about describing his amazing knack to tell us the housing market is going to crash! “Today, tomorrow, next week, next year! One of these days I’ll be right and then tell you: ha-ha!”

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