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Hark! And then Harold Angel Sang, and Sunday’s Best

One of my favorite mixed up lyrics for the holidays, along with “Deck the halls with Boston Charlie“.

Will the European Union and the Euro survive 2011? Will the  US Government find a way to keep doing business? Will Putin last in Russia? Will I be able to order poutine at McDonald’s in Ontario? Will the latest climate talks stop Global Warming? Will we all get what we want for Christmas? Boy that sure is a lot of questions, isn’t it? How do I stop doing this?

This week I did find some pearls from my archives that were posted on Twitter:

  • Just a friendly reminder in case you didn’t know Advent is Here, and Christmas is not far away.
  • In case you were wondering a year ago this month there were 15000 more Jobs, which was better news.
  • If you find money or save it that is no reason to go on a splurge.
  • One of the things I remember about my Dad is his love of Kippers, however, these Kippers are not the fish, they are the relations that don’t go away.
  • A while ago my family was a victim of Bank Card Fraud, so it’s important to be safe with your ATM card.
  • One of my more successful financial tricks was Automating My Kids Allowances, still works today.
  • Another favorite around Christmas time for me is Roch Carrier’s story The Sweater, and it mentions my favorite recollection of Christmas, the Eaton’s Christmas Catalog.

And for those of you who just can’t get into the Christmas Spirit, my favorite Christmas Song:

Noddy Hodler is Father Christmas!

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