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List of Jobs I do For Free

It’s funny the topics that get discussed when financial bloggers get together to chat over the holidays, but jobs I do for free did come up in our discussions, and the list is quite extensive, in my case.

I’ll only hit the top 5 list of jobs that I will do for free:

  1. {this line intentionally left blank}
  2. {Blank line intentionally}
  3. {No information on this line }
  4. {No job here}
  5. {this line intentionally left blank}

This was a hard list to compile. It took hours. There is a plethora of crappy menial tasks that I would gladly do without charge, but I hope I have hit the high points.

No, I am not talking about my volunteer activities or the fun things in my life, but the “jobs” in my life.

Jobs I Do For Free?

If you are doing jobs for which you should be compensated. If you aren’t doing it out of the goodness of your heart, you should be paid. It’s that simple.

Is this tome a “job“? Not really. More of a cathartic rant than anything else.

Enjoy your time off from your Job. If you are looking for a job keep this in mind as well, you should get paid.

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