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And the Winners are and Random Thoughts

For those wondering, yes I did give out those TurboTax on-line licenses to some deserving folks. I was impressed with over 25 folks wanting the 5 licenses I had (but then the odds were pretty good, less than 1 chance in 5).

Here at the comments of the winners, all very good and I added one from the loser pile, which I enjoyed as well:

  • I want online Turbotax for free because I deserve free presents for Valentine’s Day.
  • I want online Turbotax for free because my wife is expecting Twins in April and every penny counts!
  • Nothing is free in life but I will gladly take a copy of turbo tax.
    I will advertise at our local seniors center to do a minimum of 5 tax returns with my almost free copy of Turbo Tax.
  • I want TurboTax for free because we have moved provinces and I don’t have a lot of time to figure out the different system of tax reporting here with a baby and toddler running circles around me all day! I would really appreciate the help from TurboTax!
  • I want Turbo Tax for free because I’ve been wasting money using HR Block for years and I’m sick of it.

The notable loser’s reason was quite good too: I don’t want TurboTax. I use Studiotax for free already. It’s easy to use, and fits my budget. I used to use Intuit products, but they kept raising prices. Zing!

Weekly Recap

Not just a week of love day, and giveaways, but a great deal of ranting about the cost of safety deposit boxes:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 1000 folks who follow me, holy cow! Check out my facebook page as well (but no I won’t be buying Facebook stock because of this either).

This week there have been a lot more giveaways this week, and with our Greek friends causing more financial grief, there was a lot to write about:

Other Bookkeeping

Valentine’s Day Sentiments to Live By

A Financial Thought on Valentine’s Day

Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position

  • Christopher Marlowe

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  1. Briana @ 20 and Engaged

    Thanks for the link! I use TurboTax and I love it. So easy to use & I love seeing my refund update as I go along.

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