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Pourriels and Sunday’s Best

The French have a name for SPAM, pourriel, which is evidently quite racy, but I think I like it more than SPAM. I sent out a Pourriel accidentally, but most folks who received it are laughing about it.

Evidently it is the 50th anniversary of the first video game Spacewar! was played on an oscilloscope, and you can see a video clip of it after my tweet update (at the bottom of this post).

The week in tweets was another varied list of oldies and goodies from my archives:

  • Every day this is important but on a Sunday, it is very important to remember Jesus is Watching You (no it’s not what you think).
  • I found an old review I did of the book Tackling the Tax Man, which is interesting and worth a read.
  • An old one from when I was unemployed Job Hunting: An Update, which gives some useful hints on how to find a job.
  • Einstein’s Rule of 72, is a cool bit of arithmetic to help you figure out when your investments will double.
  • How do they make money, is an interesting National Film Board clip on the creation of coins.

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