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It has been a week of budgets with a new budget proposed in Ontario and a new budget (which will move forward) for all of Canada. I write this post usually during the day so I won’t have too many pithy comments on the Harper Government budget, but I did have a kick at the McGuinty Government budget (politics really is turning into a cult of personality these days).

The one thing that did catch my eye, aside from a lot of rhetoric, is the final demise of the Penny. I always enjoyed pennies, so I suspect there will be a farewell post written to “the copper” and it’s role in my life. Given it isn’t made of copper any more, I suppose it’s time has finally come.

The OAS age is changing now too, for me I can receive OAS at 66 + 5 mo , which an extra 17 months for me, but for those born in the year after and later it is 67 years (so Mrs. C8j can only get her money at age 67, sorry honey!).

I will comment more on Tuesday, Monday look for a Carnival of Personal Finance post from me (haven’t done one in a while, should be lots of fun).

Weekly Recap

After a busy weekend with basketball, many interesting topics this week from yours truly:

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Links for the Week

With all the budgetary fun and games this week, there were a few other topics that were being discussed in the financial blogosphere as well:

Other Bookkeeping

New Shoes for the Finance Minister 2012

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Budgetary Quotes for 2012

“The majority of the spending review reductions relate to back office operations of government,”

– Jim Flaherty (we shall see Jim, we shall see)

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    Thanks for the mention BCM!

  • Michael James March 30, 2012, 8:42 AM

    Thanks for the mention. Everyone should have a year where their investments triple!


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