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Two Step Financial Plans

In these days of folks who can barely read a single page and comprehend what it is about (yes, I count myself in that group), this article will outline the utter simplicity of making two step financial plans and succeeding like a hero.

The inspiration for these two step financial plans are based on a really cool drawing you can see around the net if you google (in images) how to draw an owl. You’ll see some amazingly descriptive steps, but the one I am looking for is the simplest and most direct way.

I have included one of the many copies (if anyone can tell me who the original artist is, I will gladly link to them and give them full credit, since it is an amazing technique):

two step financial plans
How to Draw An Owl (made easy)

Isn’t this easy? If all plans and descriptions could be this simple, we would all be much better off! For those who might not be able to read the methoodology on the diagram it is simple:

  1. Draw some circles
  2. Draw the rest of the bloody owl

This follows the same methodology I have heard some stone carvers use, break off all pieces of stone that aren’t part of the final statue (that seems even simpler, doesn’t it?).

With this in mind here is a simple plan on how to create a fool-proof financial plan that will most certainly help you become financially independent in a short period of time:

  1. Create a spread sheet with categories and dates
  2. Do the rest of the plan, implement it correctly, until you are out of debt

Simple eh? What you expected me to make it easy? If I knew how to do this, I wouldn’t be publishing here for free, I’d be charging you $100 a head and make you sit through a hellaciously long talk by me, and then make you subscribe (at a very high premium) to a newsletter and even then don’t divulge the full story (and also make sure my lawyers have had you sign something that completely let’s me off the hook if you follow the plan and fail).

Maybe that is the way to get rich? Don’t worry, if I figure out the fool-proof plan, I will publish it, but then again, you still might not believe it, given it is me giving it to you.

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