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Advice from a Rich Man

Why don’t I trust advice infomercials about money, or better still alleged interviews about money on “news” shows? I think my overlaying point of view is a simple one (if not overly paranoid), that, if I knew how to make money (unfailingly) I wouldn’t tell anybody about it, until I couldn’t make any more money from it.

Financial Scam
Wonder if Fish Realize It’s a Scam?

Example, if I devised an algorithm that could beat the market every time, if I told a whole bunch of folks about it, I would then be competing with them and with the market. Unless (of course) my whole scheme was to manipulate the market, by having “dupes” buy the wrong thing.

Under the same reasoning as Groucho Marx’s line, “I would never join a club that would have me as a member” (I am paraphrasing), I cannot believe any “make money fast” scheme, because I think the real scheme is to get you to buy the scheme, not the scheme itself (and from what I can tell there is a lot of money in flogging stupid investing schemes to unsuspecting folk). I guess I am a, “glass is half full (of poison)” kind of guy when it comes to that kind of advice.

Any scheme that claims to be fool-proof, yet they are trying to fool you into buying it, seems to be the greatest dichotomy, isn’t it? Would you tell everyone how to do it, if you figured out how to make money fast?

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  1. I agree that the “fast” money ones are scams, but I believe there are some good honest ones out there as well, bu they will tell you that you will not always win as well and need to expect loses and that its not just easy you have to put effort into it. But what they have discovered is that selling and marketing their method to lots and lots of members is more profitable and consistent “revenue” than their get rich scheme, so they have decide to follow that route instead of just using their schema.

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