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Dodgy Loans, More Hockey and Some Random Thoughts

As a financial kibitzer, I take a fair amount of good-natured abuse from my friends in the mainstream media, and rightly so; I make simple commentaries from my point of view, but I seem to have rattled a few cages with a simple statement about the alternate mortgage loan industry in Canada. Have a look at my post and read over some of the comments from one or two lenders in that area, didn’t mean to kick the hornet’s nest. I guess I should just hush up and let the grown-ups talk about this.

I also figured I’d have some fun and pose a few simple questions and I got very little response as well. Just goes to show that I have no idea who is reading my site, and what they think is fun and what they might find interesting. Feel free to add comments to this post about what you’d like me to research next, here is one or two suggestions:

  • The use of young ladies in spicy outfits on financial web sites and whether it causes me to want to use their services?
  • What do tobacco companies and lenders have in common?
  • etc., etc., you get the thematic premise.

More hockey to come, both Ottawa teams continue to fight on (the 67s and the Senators). Unfortunately, the Canadiens are sitting next to the Blue Team on the same park bench, comparing their golf scores.

Weekly Recap

Some interesting topics this week, that seem to have evoked some quite visceral responses:

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It was a busy financial week in the world, with a few folks finding a few less controversial topics to discuss:

A Selacious Image, Will it Create More traffic?

Budgetary Quotes for 2012

“In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.”

– Jef I. Richards quotes (US advertising professor)

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