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The Clown Prince of Personal Finance and Random Thoughts

I had a lovely evening out this week with the N.C.F.B.A. crowd, as well as special guest visits by Rob Carrick and some new friends from Horizen ETFs who spoke of many things with us, and as usual, I had a great time. Preet seems to be the ringleader of our happy mob these days (if there is an actual leader), and as leader, he has given me my role in the group, “… comic relief …”. That was his response to me when he was talking about our group and the expertise that it encompasses (in his defence it was in response to a query I made about, “What is my role here?”). Thus I am now “The Big Cajun Man, Clown Prince of Personal Finance”, wonder if I should get business cards made up with my new title? Do I have to buy big floppy shoes (well, my shoes are already big)?

Strikes continue on in Montreal, I have a problem with the complaints about the increase in tuition fees, given I am already paying two kidneys and part of my liver every year to keep my kids in school, but I guess they have their own points of view.

A new expression was coined for those who want to investigate the alternate mortgage market, I will now reference them as “Off, Off Broadway Mortgages“, for those who are not sure what I mean, do some research, it is an apt description.

In other news, a noted ETF fund company is considering creating a new leveraged investment product based on tuition fee levels at Universities (the rumoured name is the BCM fund). Their plan is to privatize the University system and allow investors to buy in.

Weekly Recap

I had some fun this week with a couple of topics, which I enjoyed writing about, but a quieter week for my writings, even though the markets look like they are lining up to have another roller coaster ride this summer!

  • I borrowed an idea from BroTips with the If you have $30, pointing out that if you have money, but still owe money, you don’t have that much money!
  • Luckily we are going socialist here in Ontario and that is where I got In Ontario We TAX the Rich, good for us! Screw the 1%!
  • Some folks need to get words of encouragement, so I thought up a few Personal Finance Inspirational Quotes.
  • Some of the more exciting investment vehicles out there really should have Financial Warning Signs.
  • Dodgy Loans, More Hockey and Some Random Thoughts As a financial kibitzer I take a fair amount of good-natured abuse from my friends in the mainstream media and rightly so, I make simple commentaries from my point of view,

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It is a busy financial week in the world, with a few folks finding a few less controversial topics to discuss:

Clown Prince of Crime
The Clown Prince of Crime

Fun Quotes from the Clown Prince

“Can’t rely on anyone these days, you have to do everything yourself, don’t we! “

  • The Joker – the real Clown Prince of Crime

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  1. BCM- In a world of drab, cookie cutter blogs usually lacking in originality, to be humorous and insightful is a good thing, embrace it. Tune in same channel, same time next week for the escapades of the Clown prince

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