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I Blame the Refs!

Previously I have talked about needing someone to blame with C’est La Faute du Federal;. Still, after my current basketball season, I suspect that the real Villains in life are the officials (financially speaking, let’s blame the banks and the people who work there). However, I blame the refs.

I must admit that as a parent, I have spent a fair amount of time “jawing” at the refs and various officials in many sports, and as an assistant coach, I have pestered my fair share of officials too, but at the end of it all, the referees and officials in this life don’t change much (on occasion there are glaring mistakes, but they are very few and very far between). So yes, I blame the refs (but I am usually wrong).

{Caution off topic rant ahead} Let me first say, that if you are someone who goes to their children’s sporting events, and yells like a crazed mocking-bird at referees, officials, opposing players and coaches and maybe even the janitors at the building, SHAME ON YOU! You have some serious issues living vicariously through your kids and all you are doing is embarrassing  yourself, but more importantly you are embarrassing or alienating your own child (at worst you are teaching them your bad attitude). {Off topic rant completed}

i blame the refs
Blind Refs?

I guess the point I am trying to make is that, yes the banks and their:

  • Service charges that suck the life out of you.
  • Mortgage rates that pull the marrow out of your bones
  • Credit Cards that are more poisonous (financially) than hemlock
  • etc., etc.,

are really not to blame, we are. Am I back saying Canadians are Financially Stupid? No, remember I blame the refs (or the banks in this instance).

The financial problems most Canadians have (and I am saying most to be polite, I actually mean pretty much all of us), are of our own making, so we should stop complaining about the Referees (or the Banks in this case (unless you are a financial blogger, since that is our bread and butter)) and deal with the situation we are in.

Everyone else is dealing with the same Officials (mostly), so move on and play through it (or “suck it up buttercup” to quote a few of the coaches I know).

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