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Hot, Hot, Hot…

No, not on the money markets I am talking about the weather (at least here in Ottawa). Evidently it will be hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalks for the next few days.

As I have mentioned in my younger days, I didn’t have Air Conditioning (none of us did back then, we just walked around and sweated, but thanks to smokers, no one had a sense of smell, but I digress), but now I live in air-conditioned comfort, and I seem to spend more time inside in the summer than I do in the winter (if you want a little irony on the side).

If you have Air Conditioning, your Electric Bills are up, but if you are in Ontario and have a Smart Thermostat, you might be able to save a little money, not using your A/C during peak hours, and such (you won’t save that much, but you will save some money). I know some folks who only turn on their A/C on “hot” days, whereas I run it pretty much the whole time from May 24th to Labour Day (closing the house up). I realize I could save more money turning it off sometimes, but due to my allergies I prefer a closed home environment.

Mr. Poitier knew what Heat Was

I had a discussion with my daughter who is living away from home in an apartment with fans for cooling and we discussed how to stay cool without A/C:

  • A public pool or beach is quite nice sometimes (but don’t forget your sun screen)
  • Libraries are great with Air Conditioning, Computers and resources, you can even research Personal Finance while you are there (and kill two birds with one stone).
  • Movie Theatres are good, but are not free (although if you have kids they seem to be having cheap matinees these days).
  • Going to work, and having your employer cool you off is great too (think of it as a free benefit). If your work doesn’t have A/C, this doesn’t really apply to you does it.
  • If your house has a basement, that is actually a naturally cooler place too (that was what we did a lot of time when I was younger, just hang out downstairs).
  • You could ruin a lovely walk in nature by playing Golf (again, not free, but given how slow some rounds go, you get a lot of time for your money).
  • Going for a Walk or Bike Ride is good exercise, but be careful with the heat advisories. Remember that only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Mid-Day Sun (and I think of that song every time I see someone jogging during a heat advisory).
  • Go window shopping at the mall (if it is a closed in mall like Yorkdale in Toronto or the Rideau Center in Ottawa), but remember the loitering laws too.
  • A good financial way to stay cool is to go to your Bank, make an appointment with a financial advisor and set up an RRSP or an RESP, which can take hours, or have them devise a financial plan for you? Banks make enough on service charges, have them cool you off too!
  • If you are a politician in Ontario, you might be out beating the pavement due to a Summer Election too! They have air conditioned buses, so I feel no pity for them.
  • Remember to drink lots of water too if you are out in the heat (very important).

Any other cheap or free ways to stay cool in the Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer?

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  1. @Ravi

    We may live in the Great White North, but the temp today was 29c but 39c with the humidex. Tomorrow will be over 40c (104F)with the humidex……not nice!

  2. You canadians are damn lucky to be able to call AC a luxury. Without AC at night, the best bet in southern california would be to live in a room that has windows open on opposite walls so that the breeze can pass through. Otherwise, AC not necessary during the day but more necessary when you’re trying to sleep.

  3. I was just asking my fans how they plan to stay cool today. Since the inception of the Smart Meter we’ve had to make many changes in our home. We follow the “time of use” schedule and try our best to stick to it. Last night was the first night this year that we turned on our central air and boy did it feel good.

    What I will try to do is cool the house down during off-peak hours and hopefully that will get us through the day until 7pm when I can turn it back on. Trying to save where we can but making life as comfortable as we can.

    Enjoy your day, stay hydrated! My mate next door has one of those kiddie blow up pools so I might have head over later and take a dip!


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