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Aboriginal Day, Moving Wood, Gens Du Pays, Tweeting and Some Random Thoughts

For those of you who didn’t realize yesterday was National Aboriginal Day (I hear some folks would rather it was National Indigenous Peoples Day), I hope all who celebrate that day had a good time (and will enjoy this weekend ahead; there are events here in Ottawa to celebrate as well).

Pour mes amis en Québec, vous avez la Fete Nationale cette fin de semaine aussi.

I found a very interesting brochure from the Canadian Food Agency about how you should not move firewood. I had not thought that moving your wood around would be a big issue, but you know men, they love to leave their wood hanging around, and then they take it to places they should not. Be very careful where you leave your wood! And when I talk about wood, I think you know what I mean about making sure you keep your wood clean and you don’t leave it hanging around.

I have a Twitter contest going too, which folks can leave a good financial tweet and I will highlight them on my Twitter feed next week. For those who might have noticed, yes I have changed my twitter feed Icon to a much more interesting character.

Weekly Recap

It was a hot week in the Nation’s capital, and it doesn’t look like it is going to cool off much either:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 1100 folks who follow me, merde!  If you join my “Twitter Posse“, you might notice I am also re-Tweeting some posts from the French Media as well (hell, if I am learning the language, shouldn’t we all?).

Check out my Facebook page as well (but no I didn’t buy Facebook stock).

We averted having an Election in Ontario (not that anyone really cared), we had the Omnibus Bill of Death pass for our Federal friends, :

Who is that cat? What is she thinking about?

Who is that Mysterious Cat Quote

Cats are an interesting thing, and can cause plenty of issues when you are using your laptop:

“These aren’t my thoughts, they’re my cat walking on the keyboard.”

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  1. Absolutely…be careful where you put your wood! Funny man.

    You have cat keyboard issues as well eh? I thought the cat did a fine job with the ETFs seem like mutual funds post 🙂

    Thanks for the link, enjoy your weekend.

    1. Have a look at the web site, I was not aware of the day either, but I am taking a French Class with two young ladies who are Aboriginal (well one is Inu), but strangely they didn’t get the day off? Interesting.

  2. Thanks for the mention and don’t worry! Next week I promise I will out-rant myself. It’s going to be about Generation Y. And amen on the barely paying for coffee cause my ad revenue definitely doesn’t cover my energy drink consumption.

    1. Looking forward to it Joe, you’ll start making a little more money and some folks DO make some nice coin, but that is not why I do this, so I am not that worried about it.

  3. BCM, I keep telling you, pay attention to my advice. If you had set up a family trust with all your blogger earnings, you would not have to complain about how your kids cost you so much money, you could have paid for their university with the trust.

    On the other hand, that would have reduced what you have to write about by 25% 🙂 Lets see who makes the bigger draft blast this week, Habs or Leafs, most likely they both screw up

    1. How much money do you think I am making here? I barely pay for my coffee!

      As for who will screw up the most? I will go with an old favorite the NY Islanders! Maybe they can bring back Mike Milbury to help out?!? But I suspect the Canadiens may have a chance to not have a Wickenheiser-like draft, but still a bad one…

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