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Canajun Finances Home » Slow Thinking, Fast Olympians and Random Thoughts for a Friday

Slow Thinking, Fast Olympians and Random Thoughts for a Friday

This week, I celebrated the slow-thinking folks out there. Now I am not espousing decision grid-lock, but I do think it’s a good idea to think about things before making a snap decision!

In Ottawa Simon Whitfield was announced as the Olympic Flag Bearer for the opening ceremonies in London. I wandered by and watched some of the set up of the stage for the official announcement. This, of course, means that Mr. Whitfield will not win anything (the Flag Bearer typically has a lot of bad luck at the Olympics), but since he already has an Olympic medal, I guess we shouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

It’s not expected to be talking about forest fires inside the boundaries of Ottawa/Carleton, however, that is what is happening now. Everything is very dry and getting drier! Here is an interesting bit of trivia, one of the spokespersons for the Ottawa Fire Department is Marc Messier (no not that one, but still).

On a personal side, it is never good when you read about your child’s school in the papers, I guess the only solace I can take is that my son will not be returning to the school, however, this does seem to be quite a mess, however, I will be keeping my eye on this one. My son will be attending a different school this fall.

Weekly Recap

We did have a little Olympic news here in Ottawa, as I said, but we also don’t have much water, we are in a drought currently:

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We averted having an Election in Ontario (not that anyone really cared), we had the Omnibus Bill of Death pass for our Federal friends, :

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  1. Don’t worry about forest fires. Ontario’s MNR has the world’s biggest, best fire-fighting crew and aviation fleet. They’re ready for anything, including urban ops.

  2. Thanks for the mention BCM. As for forest fires, it’s weird to hear so little about them in BC so far this summer. Usually that’s one of the major ongoing summer news stories over here. Now that we’re having some sunny weather I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Thanks for the links, I really appreciate it. Your wife may have made a mistake, but how did you do? 🙂

  4. BCM- U dont want to know what that set is worth 🙁
    I would have had that full set also, but I practiced my bb gun on the Habs cards 🙂

    It is amazing how much of that stale gum we chewed and actually enjoyed. As a sidebar, I was offered a mint Bobby Orr rookie card for a $100 around 25 years ago and told the person they were nuts. That was a huge error.

    1. I can still see Dallas Smith, Derek Sanderson and Phil Esposito staring back at me from those cards, mocking me!!! 🙂

      Yup, my mother threw them all out (maybe I did, who knows, they are gone now).

  5. Thanks for the mention! For sure, some things require snap-decisions but many don’t.

    I always get a laugh from hearing folks introduce Marc Messier at local events. Thank goodness we have a great captain to battle Ottawa brushfires.

    Stay cool this weekend,

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