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Financial Wing Men?

When I was a young man, sometimes I would end up being a “wing man” for one of my friends when they went out to the bar. My duties were simple, help my friend find the girl of his dreams (or was it the girl of the night?) and then once “true love” was in bloom, I would disappear (some might say like a fart in the wind).

This got me wondering, why aren’t there any financial wing men out there? Are there financial planners who think they are financial wing men? Any bankers, or stock brokers who help out and then just disappear?

I don’t think that is the way things work in the financial world, no one simply helps out, knows their job, gets it done, and then walks away knowing they helped get things done.

Ultimate Wing Man !

My guess is a few of the financial bloggers that I read religiously are actually good financial wing men (or wing women), but I have yet to meet someone in the financial industry who made me think they knew their job and I was confident they were going to do what was needed.

Am I missing something, are their financial wing men out there that you have met?

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  1. I think I’ve come across some good potential financial blogger wingmen since I started trying to learn more about investing. Investing is one of those things that you likely need constant help with though. So hopefully they don’t just disappear.

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