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Happy Colonel By Day !

At least that is what this long weekend is called in Ottawa, Southern Ontario it has another name, and for some reason, all the stores are open today too? Another odd long weekend in Ontario.

Me I am on the road back from Nova Scotia as you read this (I hope), having dropped another daughter off at school (Wolfville to be exact). It will be a very long drive, and hopefully, I will have enough sense to have stopped at various spots and not tried to charge the whole way home. I am planning on doing some videos and pictures so God knows what may show up this week on the blog!

Given this is a holiday here is my normal Sunday post on Monday, as I am really not here in the first place (and if there is no post on Tuesday, it is because I returned really late on Monday and didn’t have time to write one).

On the Twitter feed this past week, lots of interesting tweets from my archives:

  • During the last Olympics (you know the ones in Beijing, when I was unemployed), I wrote about the Financial Olympics, interesting idea.
  • One of my more fun posts is 10 Steps to a Debt Free Life, read it over, see if you can figure out the trick.
  • Debt Makes me Sick outlines why I am never feeling that well, since I seem to be still in debt.
  • Also remember on Sunday Jesus is Watching You, but it might not be the Jesus you are thinking of.

Enjoy the long weekend folks whatever it is called (in Nova Scotia it is Natal Day?).

The Colonel John By

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