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Financial YOLOs I’d Like to See

After yesterday’s sarcasm fest (that is what you get when I drive for 28 hours in a 40 hour time period),  I’d try to be more positive on this new #YOLO tag and give some examples of the Financial YOLOs I’d like to see show up on Twitter or some other social media site.

So if you wanted to use the YOLO tag what good quick one liners might make your day?

  • Just paid off my credit card debt, feels great! #yolo I think I’d offer to buy that person a beer if I read that one.
  • House is paid off, working on my RRSPs and TFSAs #yolo Yes, I doubt anybody would actually tweet something like this, but let me tell you I’d congratulate that person as well.
  • Gave up smoking and going to put money towards my kids education #yolo Love to see that one, a healthy choice and a good use of the extra money.
  • Just gave blood #yolo You only live once, give the one gift that is free to give that will help someone you’ll never meet, but they will be  forever grateful.

What is a Financial YOLO?

financial yolos
Some Simple YOLO rules

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