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Bacon Shortage!!

I was astounded to see that a Think Tank in Europe has said that a Bacon shortage is Unavoidable, due to drought and such. There are less fat pigs in this world and the cost of feed is causing the farmers to sell off their stock because of the costs.

I am hoping that all of this fear mongering when it comes to a Swine Shortage to be Hogwash, but I may start stock piling pigs in my backyard just because the little darlings are so darn cute.

Cloven Feet Makes Good Eats

This may have caused many bacon lovers to go into a high level of alert, due to a lack of their favorite food group (yes Bacon is a food group), that the hoarding of bacon might be on the horizon. These lovers of this salted delight might go whole hog and cause shortages right now, but that may only be putting the pig before the cart. There have also been comments that this type of fear mongering is coming from economists who are as crooked as a pig’s tail. I agree that we should not buy a pig in a poke by blindly agreeing with these economists view of a bacon shortage.  Given the North American economy is already bleeding like a stuck pig in terms of price increases creating this kind of shortage concern is as dirty as a pig in a sty.  I am confident that soon we will all be living high on the hog in terms of bacon even if bacon prices go hog-wild.

Even Homer Simpson the pen ultimate bacon lover is concerned that his intake of the tasty morsels might drop, but he courageously answered when asked if he would cut down on his bacon intake “In a Pig’s Eye!!”

Remember anything wrapped in bacon is just better!

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  1. Oh my! I cannot have breakfast without my bacon.

    Food prices are starting to get really high in the US because of the droughts. I hope next year’s harvest is better because two years in a row would surely send prices really high!

  2. I’m sure lots of bacon lovers will start packing their freezer full of it. I was pretty surprised when I heard about this, but if that comment about the big pig cull was true, it does seem rather artificial. It’s just like the oil companies who cut back production to create limited supply.

    1. You say that NOW, but when you are out looking for your bacon wrapped chicken tornados, or bacon wrapped sausages or even your bacon wrapped bacon, THEN you will be as upset as the rest of the lovers of the other red meat.

  3. Definition of PENULTIMATE
    1: next to the last

    Though, this “pork shortage” seems kind of interesting . . . wasn’t it just a year or two ago there was a huge pig culling (at least in Canada) because it was too expensive to raise them?

    1. If they did, then that move would be as slick as a greased pig in terms of creating an artificial shortage, wouldn’t it? This could just be another blogger squealing like a pig about a non-issue, and I hope that is the case.

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