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Movember, Glowing, Superstorms and Friday #Shoutouts

Yes, it is Movember again for those who wish to show support for Prostate Cancer (and other cancers), grow yourself a mustache, and maybe get some sponsors for it. Think of it, you don’t shave and you have a good reason for it. Mrs. C8j points out that this is to support folks like me (who have prostate issues), so I should shave. Mrs. C8j is a party pooper sometimes, that is for sure.

Our excitement on Halloween was L’il C8j having a great time trick or treating until he bit down on one of his glow sticks. Needless to say there was much rushing around, rinsing out of mouths, and washing of faces. He doesn’t seem any worse for wear, and luckily, he doesn’t seem to glow anymore, either. Michael James helped out with this Halloween excitement too (i.e. he did the face washing), yes, sometimes Financial Bloggers are very useful!

Sandy the Superstorm wreaked havoc all over the bloody place, and it will cost one heck of a lot of money to clean up, luckily it has nothing to do with a climate change issue too. I love the zealotry on both sides of the global change arguments, it rivals abortion and creationism for colourful and vehement arguments. To those affected by the Monster storm (3 feet of snow in West Virginia, holy cow), our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Speaking of which, maybe it’s time to think about snow tires? Get those suckers on now, BEFORE the first snowstorm.

Weekly Recap

Lots of winds blowing hard around me, but hopefully not too much hot air being blown by me in some of my posts this week. My site has been banned from one social media site after by bucket list post of last week, evidently a f*cket list is something very specific (who knew):

It was a dark and stormy week this week, that is for sure, but hopefully our favorite authors can be a shining beacon of light for all of us:

Top Stories of the Week of October 31st

Defending Homemade Dividends

Michael James defends the old fashioned way of making money in the stock market.

Are Money and Success the Same Thing?

The Blunt Bean Counter asks that interesting financial/philosophical question, it’s a 2 parter too!

Sleepy Portfolio 3Q-2012 Update

One of my favorite passive investing methods has a status report (I do use this portfolio for one of my RRSPs) from the Canadian Capitalist


Don’t Be an Idiot, Get a Will!

Nice rant from My Own Advisor, at least in the title. Do you have a Will? Why not you knucklehead?

First Understand, The Destroy Stress

From Mr. Money Mustache who hopefully is celebrating MOvember too!

Three Jars Help Kids Save

Gail Vaz-Oxlade points out that some methods work for the young as well as for the old.


Content No Longer available

The True Cost Of Owning An ETF The MER Is The Main Thing

Mike at Money.Smarts helps us understand the entire ETF jungle a bit more (and what to watch for).

How to Get Money Back When Your Trip Turns Toxic

Our intrepid consumer advocate Ellen Roseman gives some pointers how to survive one of THOSE vacations.


The Smart Cash Credit Card Changes for the Worse

Frugal Trader points out some of the changes (for the worse) with what seemed to be one of the better cash back credit cards.


The time to plan your Christmas spending is now

Preet points out in the Globe that the time to start your Christmas planning now!


Your advertisement here send an e-mail for information to bigcajunman at !

Scary Looking Front Door! Told Mrs. C8j not to leave her broom by the front door!

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  1. I think I just might have to grow a mustache for Movember this year. Normally I’d save the shaving laziness until hockey playoffs, but it’s looking like that won’t happen this season. Glad to hear the little guy is ok after the glowstick incident. I’m sure that stuff can’t be too good for your insides.

    1. No, but he didn’t really ingest any from what we can tell, so (touch wood) all is fine. He continues to eat bugs and such, so maybe his insides are made of stronger stuff!

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