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Election Finish Line, Sandy Aftermath, Clocks Back and #OldieButGoody Tweets

From the good old year of 2012, if you are wondering. Tuesday is election day in the U.S. and it seems to be a very close race, almost too close to call, so we shall see whether it ends up like 2000, where we didn’t know the real results for a week or so (or we could end up with a Romney/Biden final result, wouldn’t that be interesting?). American political elections are entertaining to watch, but this race seems to have been going on for almost 2 years because it effectively has been, I suppose.

Superstorm Sandy continues to be in the news with the clean up of the damage done by the storm. Wonder if things are going to change or whether the planning folks will view this as a “1 time in 100 years” anomaly? My guess is this isn’t really an anomaly, and that it might be good to reinforce all disaster plans, because for now, our weather seems to be quite unpredictable.

Did you turn your clocks back last night? If not, do it now, or you will show up early for the rest of the day. The NRC gives us more details on the time change and a bit of history too. On the bright side it will be a little lighter sooner in the morning, however, it will be dark by the time that most of us go home on Monday, woo hoo!

Remember in this gloom that it is also Veterans’ Week here in Canada, culminating in Remembrance Day next Sunday. Keep this in mind, and remember to wear your poppy.

Oldie but Goody Tweets

Lots of interesting things that I scraped up from the archives well worth having another look:

  • 50% off Meat? is me wondering when being frugal becomes being CHEAP, this is close to the line (50% off condom buying is CHEAP).
  • RESP: and more trees died was my yearly end of RESP usage season rant. The whole process is quite mechanical for me now, but it is still a pain in the rear.
  • Guest Post: Side Effects of Credit Card Debt Build Up was a good guest post that I figured I should resurrect on Halloween if just to scare folks about debt a bit more!
  • Grab that Ca$h with Both Hands and make a stash, is not just a great lyric from a Pink Floyd song, but useful financial advice (what would you expect from a song entitled Money?
  • Debt is like Fat in that both are built up over a long period of time, is still true today (and I am farther in debt and fatter too)
  • I should divorce my wife? Is an idiotic idea, but the way the tax system works, it might mean more money in my pocket (if done correctly).

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  1. I agree that unpredictable weather will be the norm for a while. I’m sure some planners think that too, but convincing the people making the budget could be another story. It will cost a ton to better prepare cities for storms like that, but I guess it’s still way less than how much the storm caused.

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