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What are Financial Bloggers Good For?

I have had more than one person ask what are financial bloggers good for (hence the title), and I can assure you that the Finance Bloggers that I know are all golden (in my books).

Many times I have espoused the N.C.F.B.A.’s good writings (especially in my Friday Random Thoughts posts), however there are times where even I am astounded by their good will.

the Blunt Bean Counter
THE Mark Goodfield

Case in point is Mark at the  Blunt Bean Counter, a devoted Leafs fan but also an Accountant by trade (I guess I can forgive the Leaf fan part of things, but I digress).

As background, I have spoken previously about how my son is on the Autism Spectrum. I have not written  in great detail about Autism and my family, but this may change over the next little while. It has been a challenge for my wife and I given that my son is also a miracle child (that story remains to be told too), and we have received some wonderful support from Gail Vaz-Oxlade and other bloggers as well, but again I digress.

Mark and I have exchanged barbs about Hockey teams and as part of one of these discussions I mentioned about my son, and Mark asked me whether I was claiming my son’s schooling expenses as a medical expense. I knew of the idea, but had not attempted to make the claim at that point in time. Mark was very helpful and outlined what I needed to do, and even sent me an example of the supporting documentation that the CRA might want. Mark did this at no charge, and he allowed me to bounce a few more questions off him and he was glad to help.

Thanks to letters from our Pediatrician, my son’s Occupational Therapist, a letter from myself, and all supporting receipts from the school,  the CRA kindly granted the Medical Tax Credit for Schooling costs (we received the good news a few days ago).

Sometimes Thank You seems like not enough, but my family owes Mark a debt for his help navigating the CRA’s sometimes confusing rules and regulations, you sir are a gentleman (even if your taste in sports teams is a bit obtuse).

For those of you with children on the spectrum, financially you must get as much help possible in grants, and tax breaks (since services for our kids are limited at best (especially for those in the dwindling middle class)), so please make sure you avail yourself (if you can) of this tax break (again you must ask the CRA for the tax break and supply them all supporting documentation).

So for those who might ask Personal Finance Bloggers are a fine group, and I believe golden (well at least the ones I know). Remember also, in terms of the CRA The Answer is Always No, Unless You Ask.

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  1. So I don’t have any kids yet but I’ve given a lot of thought towards Autism. The one thing that sticks in my head most is this kid I saw at my college. His dad was a professor there, and a really smart guy. His son was infinitely smarter and wound up creating the Bittorrent protocol. He has Asperger’s syndrome. I’m a CS major and can truly appreciate the awesomeness of what he created. It really makes me wonder if people with ASD are the next step in our evolution. You’ve got to admit, as a society, we socialize less and less, focus more of our time towards machines and are required to have the intense focus of knowledge workers. Yes socialization may be difficult but these kids can achieve things we can’t even dream of.

  2. Those personal financial bloggers generally rant a lot, I agree, but they (that includes you et. al.) give us a different perspective on many issues at hand. Now, you gotta screen the good ones from the bunch.

    On another note, bloggers like you inspired me to keep going for years (I am not sure if that is a good news for Google or readers – with my great language skill)

  3. Jane Savers @ The Money Puzzle

    I did not know much about autism until I read the serialized book available on the blog of my favourite financial guru Gail Vaz Oxlade. What a great read. Inspirational and educational.

  4. BCM, thx for the kind words. I was happy to help and I am ecstatic you got a good result. However, even though I can forgive you for being a Sen’s fan, u are pushing your luck calling me Mark Cunningham 🙁

      1. Hmmm, sorry. I didn’t have my magic esp turned on, to know the name of someone, who I don’t know their real name……..

        Mrs. C8j.

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