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Financial Finger Wagging

A large American Insurance Company (owned by Warren Buffett I believe)  has an ad running these days where Dikembe Mutombo (one of my favorite NBA players of all time) runs around blocking ordinary folks “shots” and then doing his classic (and banned by the NBA) finger wag sometimes saying, “No, No, No!“. The ad is quite entertaining but it also makes me wonder if a lot of folks out there need a Dikembe to help them financially.

Dikembe Motumbo
Dikembe says no

Just think of it, you are about to pull out your already not paid off credit card and a 7 foot tall man smacks it out of your hand, wags his finger at you and says loudly, “No! No! No!”, I think you would not use that card again soon.

You walk into a car dealership and you decide you want a new car, with all the features (even though your current car is only 2 years old, you just want a new car), Dikembe appears as you are about to sign your contract and a massive hand smacks the pen out of your hand, a long finger wag and a loud, “No! No! No!”, might just stop you from digging yourself a much deeper financial hole.

An imposingly tall man standing in the doorway of every cheque cashing and pay-day loan store wagging his finger menacingly at you and saying “No! No! No!”  might well put them all out of business! I think I might be onto something here.

Now this is not to belittle, or joke about the good works of Mr. Mutombo. He is a true humanitarian and an astounding athlete (given he didn’t play basketball until his mid-teens, he was actually a soccer player), but that piece of advertising just made me think of how he might help us all with our financial demons.

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