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Tax Day 2013

Yes it’s that time again. Time to file your taxes, and you have the rest of the day to finish this task.

You don’t need a special NETFILE number any more to use this facility, you only need your SIN and your birthday and away you go, so you really should get moving on this.

I know a few people saying, “I don’t owe money, so I don’t have to rush”, and you may think that is the case, but are you sure you don’t owe money? If you haven’t done your taxes yet how can you be so sure you don’t owe money? If you do owe money and don’t file, that is when penalties start kicking in (and yes the CRA does go after folks who owe and don’t file, if you don’t believe me check their Twitter Feed for examples).

For those who owe money but don’t want to pay until the last day, here is a friendly reminder that, Today is the last day!

The bottom line is get it done today, and next year plan your tax filing better?

And finally a helpful video from Turbotax for all Taxpayers, pointing out the importance of Taxes before the Playoffs:

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  1. It’s probably better to do a quick and dirty return by midnight, over estimating your income, NETFILE it and overpay your taxes, and then file any corrections over the next couple of weeks. That way at least you’d be getting something back and wouldn’t likely get any penalties. But I’m not an expert on late filing. We filed a few weeks ago and have already reinvested the return. (We considered going out to lunch, but weren’t sure the return would buy 2 hotdogs at Costco….)

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