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Stem Cell Teeth, Queen’s Nuclear Speech and Friday #ShoutOuts

Yes indeed, scientists have actually created a tooth from stem cells, from a person’s urine? Wow, now that is a bunch of stuff that if someone told you 10  years ago might happen you’d have them locked up (or laugh out loud at the notion of that). What’s next, turning poop into bone?

As part of a 1983 war games, someone drafted a speech for the Queen to comment about an on going Nuclear war in Europe (which was entirely possible at the time). It is quite an interesting read. The Queen (I am confident) wasn’t even aware of the content, but it is a good speech (if you think about it being said to a population reeling from a Nuclear attack).

My Weekly Recap

Back to school started in May, but now it is “on like Donkey Kong.”, hope you have got all your kids’ supplies before the huge rush:

My Writings for Week Ending August 2nd

One More Month Until School Starts Kiddies!

Taxing Government Benefits

Why does the Government tax some benefits and not others? I have no idea, but as usual I have my opinions on the subject

I’m Not Paying My Debt, but I am Saving Money

Much like you are trying to lose weight while eating a family sized bag of Ketchup flavored potato chips.

Debt and Savings Another Big Difference

Savings can be fleeting, however, debt lives on, and won’t disappear like a fart in the wind.

Thrify, Frugal or Cheap?

There is a fine line that separates these three concepts, that is for sure.

King Louis, Braun Follies, Lice and Friday #ShoutOuts

A recap of the best from last week

The summer doldrums are upon us, with most folks on vacation, or just taking it easy, so a lot harder to find some posts for this weeks best of:

Top Stories of the Week of August 2nd


Building Your Own Index with Individual Stocks

Michael James points out why he doesn’t particularly want to build his own Index Fund with stocks that he buys himself.

Don’t be a jerk: How to write a classy resignation letter

Kerry at Squawkfox gives a simple template on how to write a letter of resignation. My last one simple said, “Bye and thanks for all the fishes”.

Stock investing is dead, says World’s largest Bond fund manager.

Not surprising a Bond Fund Manager might say that in kind of like an Youtube saying Cable TV is dead.

Fight back, the Ellen Roseman way

Mark at My Own Advisor reviews the latest book from Consumer Advocat (and friend of this site) Ellen Roseman, many useful hints in this book.

 A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year

Popular Science has a look at a report from Michigan Tech which seems to suggest you could make some money with a fairly cheap 3-D printer (but not printing money with it (or coins)).

How to Read and Understand Business News

Million Dollar Journey gives us a simple set of rules to remember when reading some of the “news” about business and not act like Chicken Little.

Estimating the cost of not having a US Dollar RRSP account

The Canadian Capitalist explains why if you don’t have an RRSP account that allows for segregation of USD and CDN$ funds it is going to cost you real money.

50 Jobs over $50,000 Without a Degree (Part 1)

Mr. Money Mustache has an interesting list (yes I usually hate lists) of jobs you don’t need a degree to make the big green (note financial blogger is not on the list as of yet).

More Power in Passive Portfolios

The Canadian Couch Potato continues his discussions about the power of index and passive investing techniques. I do it, mostly because I am too lazy to check individual stocks every day.

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