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The Workers Control the Means of Production, Happy Labour Day

Yes, my Union Brothers, let us celebrate the Worker’s control of the means of production; Happy Labour Day to all my hard-working brothers and sisters. Sorry, it’s in my contract I have to write that.

Labor Day
Labor Day

Let us celebrate the workers today, who on their backs Canada was built:

  • Our hard-working farmers and the workers on farms (many times migrant workers), without them, we do not eat!
  • The factory worker who builds your stoves, fridges and even computers (yes, some of them are still built in Canada).
  • The cooks, servers, and cleaning staff at all those restaurants we frequent are not a great job to have, but I appreciate your hard work.
  • The service workers who work in our banks, stores, cinemas, etc., etc., but also the new age service folks who answer the phones on the helplines (no, not all of them are in India, my daughter works in a call center). Hard jobs, because you have to deal with hot-headed customers (like me sometimes).
  • And all my other working brothers and sisters, I say thank you and enjoy your day off (if you do, in fact, get the day off).

Labour day doesn’t have anything to do with Communism or the like, it is about Workers and today we should celebrate all their hard work!

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  1. And also to all the Mums-to-be who are in Labour even as we speak, and the midwives, Dads, nurses, and doctors who are working today so that they may safely deliver safely and well.

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