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A Better Friday and #CPFC13

Not a regular Friday after this week and my preparations for the coming weekend, I didn’t really get enough time to put together my regular Friday Random Thoughts, but here is a shortened version in preparation for CPFC13 .

Here in Barrhaven we are still shocked and trying to understand why Six of our Neighbours died in a tragic bus/train accident. This kind of event brings home how random life can be, and how precious our loved ones can be. For myself I spent the day looking for friends and having friends look for me as well. I don’t know any of the deceased victims, but I do know a few of the survivors, and my thoughts and prayers are with all of them and their loved ones.

My Updates for the Week

  • Men’s Health, The introduction of erectile dysfunction (ED) medications like Viagra, has reportedly contributed to an improvement in men’s health. Typically reluctant to seek medical attention unless necessary, men have been more inclined to visit doctors for ED prescriptions.
  • The Infinite Income Fallacy Understanding what Infinity means was one of the fun things in my Mathematics education.
  • When Cheques are Stolen When cheques are stolen and you are a victim of identity theft, what do you do? Call your bank first, and then call all your credit cards.
  • Tuition Fee Study Status Canada’s tuition fee study confirms what I knew all along, the price of going to University has been going up.
  • Friday the 13th, Private Royal Mail, Canadian 1% and Friday #ShoutOuts Watch out for bad things on Fridays – it’s Friday the 13th! Don’t subscribe to the concept?

I am off to Toronto (from the train station where the tragedy happened on Wednesday) for the weekend with Michael James (One Thing Investors Must Do For Themselves) and I am moderating a Blue Ribbon panel on investing (note I am the moderator, not an actual panel member). I know that Preet will be there, and Mark from My Own Advisor as well (I wish we had more stock in our school system), but the Canadian Capitalist is giving it a pass this year ( Do you have TFSA Bragging Rights? ).

As I have said Khan Academy is a great place to learn, and here is a great video to teach us about Bitcoin:

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