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Canajun Finances Home » Friday the 13th, Private Royal Mail, Canadian 1% and Friday #ShoutOuts

Friday the 13th, Private Royal Mail, Canadian 1% and Friday #ShoutOuts

Watch out for bad things today, as it is Friday the 13th (and watch out for crazed machete-carrying killers wearing hockey masks as well). I don’t subscribe to the Friday the 13th concept. Every Tuesday is the evilest day of the week (all bad things happen on Tuesdays in my book). An example? September 11th, 2001, was a Tuesday, enough said. Don’t walk under any ladders and watch out for black cats too.

Wow, the UK will be privatizing the Royal Mail? That is pretty astounding to hear. The Royal Mail was a bastion of all communications things for the longest time in the UK, now they want to sell it off? It is an interesting idea, and at a price tag of £3B pounds, not exactly cheap.

Stats Canada published their 2011 National Household Survey: Income of Canadians which showed that the top 1% of Canadians in terms of income usually make 10 times what the average Canadian makes. If you make more than $80,400 (in 2010) you are in the top 10% in terms of income in Canada, but have a read of the document there is a lot of interesting info collected from the census and such.

My Weekly Recap

Wonder if I started wearing a large cross if I might get a better deal to work outside of Quebec:

My Writings for Week Ending September 13th

Voyager 1 Reaches InterStellar Space? Hope he packed his Long Johns.

More Part-time Jobs in Canada in August

Stats Canada says there is reason to be optimistic, but not too optimistic about the job picture in Canada.

Stupid Cheap

I like that phrase better than Penny-wise and pound foolish, and if I ever catch someone dumping a box of kittens or puppies I will kick their arses!

TD and Free McAfee

Is free anti-virus software from your bank worth using? Commentators seem to think, NO!

Guest Post: How Hard Could it be to Book a Hotel Room?

Mrs. C8j has a try at guest posting about her odyssey attempting to book a hotel room for one of our child’s graduation.

No Verizon, Microsoft Phones, NFL Kick Off and Friday #ShoutOuts

A recap of last week’s finest articles


Russia and our U.S. friends exchange pleasantries via the New York Times, oh joy, what wonderful things will come from this :

Top Stories of the Week of September 13th

Prince William leaves the Military (in one piece)

Getting Some Money Back from Tyco Stock

Michael James laments the lost funds from his days of investing in specific stocks, but he did get a little money back (not much)


58% of Canadians have a mortgage.. is that a big number?

That’s a lot of Canadians that have mortgages (wonder how they counted), Canada Mortgage news wrote.

Why mortgage insurance doesn’t work for everyone

Mark from My Own Advisor comments that if this is your first home don’t get caught up in the hype from your lender to get mortgage insurance from them (maybe just buy some cheap term insurance?).

Sleepy Mini Portfolio Q3-2013 Update

The Canadian Capitalist shows off a new page format and updates us as well on the Sleepy Mini Portfolio. I like the new look!

Insurance You Shouldn’t Buy

Gail Vaz-Oxlade extends on Mark’s writings about mortgage insurance with other insurances that you shouldn’t be buying.

The Costco Rule of $10 And Other Bulk Buying Tips

The Money Beagle comes up with an interesting spending heuristic for Costco (and other ginormous warehouse stores).

The CRA’s Matching Program – Mismatch and You May be Assessed a 20% Penalty

The Blunt Bean Counter is back in the swing of things and has put out a two part post about the CRA’s penalties if you don’t report income (that they know about).

How (and How Not) to Buy a House

Mr. Money Mustache gives us a blow by blow on good practices when buying a new house (as he a Mrs. Money did).

Students, are you paying for health and dental insurance twice?

Preet makes an excellent point and one of my daughters does make sure she gets the refund for the included Dental & Medical insurance with her student fees.

Best of 2013

Some of the best of posts from 2013

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  1. Thanks for the mention BCM. See you next weekend in The Big Smoke.

    Looking forward to seeing your moderating skills. I suspect more people at the conference might know who you are vs. Bobby Ryan on the streets on Ottawa. We really have no hockey fans in Ottawa #depressing

  2. If someone steps up to the plate with £3B for the Royal Mail, we should do a bait-and-switch and give them Canada Post instead. I’m not looking forward to paying my share of the hugely underfunded pension.

    1. In Polo clubs, I hear, looking for possible spouses with push-up bras?

      They aren’t hanging out in bars, or on either, good luck with your hunt, I am sure you’d have a winning site if you could publish “The Secrets of finding that 1% spouse”.

      1. I could write about where to find the 1%. It would be an unintentionally humorous blog about a middle aged woman who keeps getting charged with trespassing and keeps having restraining orders sworn against her as she tries, unsuccessfully, to sneak in to private golf courses and Bay Street board rooms.

        I guess the easiest place to meet a large collection of wealthy Canadian men would be to hang around the Senate in Ottawa. Oh, wait – they get paid an awful lot but they don’t show up for work very often.

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