How do you write so much?

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When I meet with my financial bloggers peers, what are the questions that they ask me? You might be surprised be surprised at the most asked question:

  • Why do you hate debt?
  • Why aren’t you taller?
  • Why are you called the Big Cajun Man?
  • Who’s that guy you are always seen with?

No, none of those questions came up (although someone did say they recognized me because I was so tall),  the most asked question for me was, “How do you write so darn much?” (note the question was not, “How do you write such great articles?”, quantity not quality).

The answer to that question is, “I have no idea“.

M.C. Escher’s Hand Drawing Hands courtesy Wikipaintings

Why the muse hits me is unknown, I write when I think of it:

  • I am writing this particular piece during a presentation at the Financial Bloggers conference.
  • I have written articles (or the core of them) during meetings at work
  • I have great ideas elsewhere (at basketball games, on the bus, etc.,) , and if I have a piece of paper I will scribble it down, because if I don’t I will forget it.

I realize that on occasion I take liberties with this podium I have created and pontificate about my life’s trivialities, but I end up writing about things that matter to me. I will be trying to write more “How To” or helpful pieces for folks dealing with disabled loved ones (financially), but I don’t think I will be changing what I write about a great deal either.

My guess will be that meeting with other writers, and hearing their ideas and opinions will create a backlog of posts (I wrote outlines of six of them on the train back to Ottawa), but I will try to spread those out over the next little while, as they are more about the business of writing.


  • LifeInsuranceCanada.com September 23, 2013, 7:17 AM

    >>>I will be trying to write more “How To” or helpful pieces for folks dealing with disabled loved ones (financially),

    Please do – there’s a huge need for this.

    • bigcajunman September 23, 2013, 8:18 AM

      Will do, sorry we missed you on the weekend.


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