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I’d Rather Be Flossing My Cat’s Toes…

… than doing my taxes. Yes, that was NOT one of the winning entries in the nth annual, world famous, Canadian Financial Place TurboTax Giveaway.

This year we saw a great deal of imagination in the responses to the question:

I’d rather be _____ than doing my taxes

OK, when I say imagination, I actually meaning, deeply disturbing verbage, but as promised winners were chosen (at random), as I couldn’t choose only 5 of these deeply worrisome comments. They will be informed and will hopefully reply in the correct time frame.

What would you rather be doing

Here are some of the more interesting responses:

Frugal guy with a balance does get the award for the most graphic example:

I’d rather trot to Hell on a fast horse with a porcupine saddle than doing my taxes.

Summer Plewes is another with quite the dislike of doing her taxes too:

I would rather be sticking hot needles through my eye while listening to Bieber sing than doing my taxes.

Wendi1 wins for the longest response:

I’d rather be scrapping hard packed ice off my car
Repairing the window that was broken by a fallen tree limb
Swabbing out the basement
Cleaning disgusting rotted food out of my freezer
And doing physio to help heal my twisted ankle.

Birdiebee sums up a lot of the other comments, I’d rather be doing anything than my taxes:

I’d rather be cleaning the toilet than doing my taxes.

Thanks to all the entrants, we’ll do this again soon!

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