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Consolidation Loans Jump Starting Things ?

A few folks have asked me whether they should get consolidation loans to help with their debt problems. As a rule, I wouldn’t say I like the idea, but a debt consolidation loan may work for some folks. Consolidation loans usually consist of adding higher interest rate debts (i.e. credit card debt, etc.) onto your mortgage or some low(er) paying credit structure that you now use.

A debt consolidation loan can be helpful. You end up having a lower interest rate on your debts. However, consolidation loans have a considerable danger, which I will discuss after this helpful car tip.

I found a fascinating diagram on Pinterest that I now offer for your reading pleasure:

How to Jump-Start your car (in the correct order)

As I mentioned, a debt consolidation loan may jump-start your financial life. You have a lower payment level for your overall debt. However, just like jump-starting a car, there are dangers. Some of the risks of jump-starting your car are:

  1. If you connect the wires backwards (pos on the donor to neg on dead), you will fry your electrical systems (at the least), and your onboard computer, and you may cause the batteries to explode.
  2. If in step (4), you connect to the negative pole on the dead car (as many people do), the battery may explode as well (one reason for that is you cause a spark over a battery that may be leaking fumes).
  3. This isn’t a danger, but if you jump-start your battery and don’t figure out why your battery went flat, it could mean something more severe with your car.

Point number (3) on my list is significant because it is similar to consolidation loans, which is why you use a consolidation loan. If you are jumping your car, there is something wrong somewhere. Similarly, something is financially wrong if you are using a consolidation loan.

What Do You Mean?

What do I mean by something wrong in your financial life? If you don’t change your lifestyle, you may need another consolidation loan. That can start a death spiral of debt that will not end well. It would be best if you found the root cause of why you needed the consolidation loan and dealt with that part of your life, or you are doomed to “consolidate” again later.

Like jumper cables, the debt consolidation loan can be a financial tool. You must use every tool very carefully. You don’t want your finances blowing up (like your car battery) or frying your financial life.

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