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Fool Proof Market Timing System

Before implementing this groundbreaking investing heuristic, please read the vital offer at the end, before acting.

Many folks have asked me how to out-perform the market by predicting market momentum. Another way to view this is Market Timing or finding market trends. This is, astoundingly, one of the best fundamental market analysis tools. Surprisingly you already have heard of this tool but have not used it for market trends. Astoundingly, I found that the best possible way to predict market trends is to use Biorhythms.

Biorhythms are a scientifically proven method of seeing the trends, momentum, and rhythms of people and now large systems. This tool has been used for decades. It is a heuristic for the trends and cycles of our world. Some have said that the ancient Egyptians knew of  Biorhythms and the ancient Pharaohs had their Wisemen plot their cycles to maximize their productivity and decisions.

This scientifically devised trend-predicting heuristic easily explains Stock Market momentum and trends. Even if you are an Index investor, if you know the cycles of the Index, then you can time the purchases of your Index in a more natural and empathetic method.

How do biorhythms predict Key Price Levels and avoid trade breakouts? The secret insider’s methodology is much simpler than you might think. Let’s say we are talking about the TSE/TSX, we know that it was founded on October 25, 1861 and if we plot the cycles from this date, we end up with these two intriguing graphs:

TSE Biorhythms
TSE Biorhythms Part 1

As you can see, right now would be an AWFUL time to buy the TSE Index as it is a Triple Low for Intellectual, Emotional and Physical. If we look even closer:

TSE Biorhythm
TSE Biorhythm Part 2

Wisdom, Passion and Mastery are also almost a triple low as well, so it might be a disastrous decision to buy right now.

If you follow the Biorhythms of your Index you may make more sound investing decisions.

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Important Offer (** Spoiler Alert **)

OK, if you are still reading this and wondering if I have lost my mind, I have not.

This method is absolute Hokum. It is me making fun of all those Market Timing (pay me lots of money and I will show you) offers I keep receiving. Do Not Use This heuristic in any Financial Dealings in your life! This should not be followed as financial advice!

I watched a Hill Street Blues episode, and they started talking about Biorhythms (a big thing in the early 80’s). I decided to take it to its next natural level.

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  1. But BCM I have been using this very method for decades! (grin) No not really! But it might have worked better than what I have used!

  2. Holy God! You had me worried there for a second. However, the biorhythms do make just about as much sense as the people who believe they can see the future. You know the ones–“buy gold”, “equities are at their peak and will drop by year’s end”, “bonds will crash” (said 2 years ago), “biotech stocks are the future”. I like to answer with, “Oh, can I see your crystal ball and Ouija board?”

  3. Personally when I tried to manage my portfolio using biorhythms, I found my fixed income investments started ballooning and I kept getting strange spam mails from InvestorLine asking me to deposit pickles and ice cream.

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