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More cowbell

Cuba, Rubles, Christmas and #BestThisWeek

Interesting to see that the U.S. will try to normalize relations with Cuba after 50 years. This will mean for Canadians that Cuba will not be quite as cheap as it has been, and worse it will be a lot busier. Should be interesting to see if this turns into a political hot potato for Democrats during the next elections, as the Republicans are already calling it the worst mistake since Chamberlain appeased Hitler in 1939. I am sure the Cuban economy will enjoy the eventual influx of Yankee tourists.

Christmas Tree
This Year’s Tree

The Russian ruble is dropping in value like a stone, thanks to many factors, but the EU and American sanctions cannot be helping things out, that, and the fact that Oil Prices are ludicrously low. Interesting to see how this all shakes out, and whether this disables or slows down the Electric Car industry ( I hope not, I think Electric cars are the right way to go) and other alternate energy businesses.

Sad to see my alma mater having a cheating scandal during final exams, does seem like a very odd story.

Christmas is next week, a time for folks to get together with friends and family and enjoy the Festival that typically starts the Christian Church’s year. For those who don’t attend Church, enjoy the time with your loved ones or someone you love, don’t worry about the presents, or the rest, it is all about family and friends.

Come on by, there will be some new content, and maybe some old favourites will return as well.

My Writings for Week Ending December 19th

Christmas is practically here, what are you doing to be Christmassy this year :

  • Having problems with your resolutions, here is a novel idea  Financial New Year Resolution, Start Now! That way you can fail that much earlier, no wait, that isn’t what I wrote (was it?).
  • I do miss John Houseman’s authoritative tones on TV, but with Make Money the Old Fashioned Way, Earn it, I wondered does anyone really earn their pay in the investment world?
  • Do you want to know my sure-fire investing scheme? Boy you are gullible, when do you think I’d tell anyone if I figured out how to make a fortune (unless it was to get everyone to send me money, on how to make a fortune).
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