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Coach Money, CPP Up 18 pct, Losing $15B and #BestMoneyStories

Thanks to the Blue team, getting a good coach in the NHL is going to cost a great deal more. Over $50 Million for 8 years? Hopefully, he can get a Stanley Cup for 2017 (50th anniversary of the last Blue Team Cup victory). For all those other coaches, I guess “… a rising tide lifts all boats…”? Who will coach the Red Wings now? Paul MacLean going to come out of hiding? I do remember that the last Coaching Messiah was Pat Quinn, then there was Pat Burns, hmmm… well, good luck Mr. Babcock (and can you use an old Man Friday?).

The Hamburglar
Wanted, dead or alive…

In other hockey money news, the Sens rewarded the Hamburglar Andrew Hammond with a 3-year one-way deal as well for about $4 Million dollars. Seems like the Sens now have a glut of goalies, someone will be taking the Via Train out of town soon (is my guess). Hope these folks have some solid financial plans to save this money.

Glad to hear that CPP is now worth $246 Billion dollars, that means I can live on low ash cat food when I finally retire (OK, I have a real pension, but I am allowed a little dramatic effect sometimes).

If you thought you were having a bad day, think of poor Li Hejun who lost $15 Billion on Wednesday, are they somehow implying that the stock market goes down? I suppose this means he had to be worth at least $15B before Wednesday ?

My Writings for Week Ending May 22nd

The Mad Men finale was fine by me, it wrapped things up nicely, and I got to sleep in the next day because it was a holiday, so there was nothing to be grumpy about there, either. A short week for me, but I did manage to get two articles done:

  • The 10 minute rule with money is one of those articles I started about a year ago, but I couldn’t figure out where to go with it, luckily I found how to make it sentient.
  • I keep comparing debt to things, I have previously said Debt is Like Fat, but this time, as I had been weeding my front lawn, I stated that Debts are like Weeds.

Fun Financial Filings For Fanatics

After last week’s odd firing line we resume a more normal format, but you never know when firing line may return! Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter asks an interesting question that sounds recursive in nature Can a Shareholder be an Independent Contractor for their own Company? In religious queries, George Carlin asked, “Can God create a rock so large that he himself cannot lift it?”. Marie (from Boomer and Echo) didn’t answer that question, but she did tell us about 5 Myths About Insurance. Insurance must be an important topic because Million Dollar Journey brought us 6 Important Tips When Buying Disability Insurance.

Mark from 2nd Career Search is enjoying his retirement (of sorts), but he points out the few successes and the (many) failures of outsourcing in Outsourcing success and Failures. Looks like you can fight the big banks, with Rob Carrick’s complaint No Stone Left Unturned, RBC Rate Hikes, causing RBC to re-think things. The Canadian Couch Potato wonders (in print) How Changing Interest Rates Affect Fixed Income, worth having a look at that.

So on the technology side of things, I was dismayed to see that Apple Gave up on a 4K Apple TV last year? Aren’t you guys supposed to be technology leaders? On the positive side of things, Brain-Controlled Bionic Legs are here (really)! Someone want to explain a Piezoelectric Violin ?

Michael James did some more fancy mathematics, with his analysis, The New RRIF Minimum Withdrawals are Designed for 3% Returns, colourful graphs too, something for everyone to enjoy. Mark from My Own Advisor seems to have forgotten the statement Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be with Peer-to-Peer Lending – Why not take advantage of the debt binge?

Fun with Pancakes

The next big thing? The Pancakebot!

Fun in Facebook

Door to Door mail delivery if I vote NDP eh?

Foreboding Tweets

Have I mentioned you should back up your data lately? Seagate reminds you in this scary tweet:

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  1. I find it interesting that there seems to be a hard split between my readers who like charts and math and those who gloss over that stuff. Maybe I should write two different blogs. Thanks for the mention.

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