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Starbucks, Monty Burns and #BestMoneyStories

Looks like Starbucks payment app for “smart” phones, has fallen victim to hackers, where they are able to hack the app, to steal banking info and then attack the customers banking or payment accounts. I have been having issues with my Starbucks account, and noticed many attempts to re-load (which is associated with a lightly used credit card, so it is easy to see it happening), so I assume I am a victim of this as well.  Whatever has been trying this, has been unsuccessful as my credit card company simply refuses everything from Starbucks right now (not a bad response). Guess I’ll go back to paying cash from now on.

Not sure what the fate will be of my favorite evil billionaire Montgomery Burns, given that Harry Shearer (his voice on the Simpsons) will be leaving the show. Will I ever hear him say those tender words, “Release the hounds!”? I have always wanted to hear Mr. Burns ask, “Smithers! Who is this saucy Blogologist?”, in reference to me, but I guess that is not to be. Given Shearer now has free time does this mean a possible Spinal Tap reunion? All they need ask is to “Gimme some Money”, and I will be at their concert.

Wonder if I wrote a long winded not funny story if I could claim I was tired like the Green Party Leader and plead for forgiveness HA! fooled you, I do that all the time (without the forgiving part of course).

I have always said that Football (soccer) was a gentleman’s game, played by hooligans, but it seems their fans are at the hooligan level too (what rude and clueless prat thought #FHRITP was a clever thing to yell?) . Bad behavior at sporting events is one of the reasons I don’t take my kids to them (that and the LUDICROUS price of the events). Explain to me how a hot dog can cost $7.50 ?

My Writings for Week Ending May 15th

Mad Men is over this weekend, at least the Series Finale is this Sunday night, and I must say I did enjoy the show, but you would have guessed that from the man who wrote about the Financial Zen of Roger Sterling, wouldn’t you ?

EQ Bank Savings Account
No Bank Fees here though

Financial Firing Line

This week we have a special discussion between noted financial mavens Waylon Smithers and C. Montgomery Burns.

Smithers: Mr. Burns there were a fine number of articles this week in the blogosphere.
Burns: The What? I get my financial news from the Wall Street Journal, and if I don’t get newsprint on my fingers from reading it, I don’t trust it!
Smithers: Well be that as it may, the Blunt Bean Counter did mention an important point about How Your Birthdate Can Impact Your Financial Affairs and Retirement.

Smithers and Burns
Burns and Smithers

Burns: The Blunt Who? What kind of lunatics do they allow on this “Internet”, selling their wares and conjuring up advice based on your age? I trust in Financial Phrenology first and foremost! Next thing you’ll be saying is that I should consult my horoscope to make important financial decisions! This fellow and his blunt beans, what kind of beans are they? Navy beans? Kidney beans?
Smithers: I think he is referencing his accounting background, sir. There was another interesting piece written by Barry from Money We Have, about Questions You Should Ask Your Advisor.
Burns: Isn’t that the wild-eyed lunatic who wrote that piece on this very site about Signs Your Adviser Doesn’t Know Anything ? It is plain to see the man is a stark raving nincompoop!
Smithers: No sir, I think he has calmed down a bit, now that he is taking some new medications, and he does make some good points.
Burns: Next thing you’ll be telling me is that I should start taking financial advice from the Irish!

Smithers: Maybe we should discuss some other articles, Mark from My Own Advisor wrote about The One-Page Financial Plan Book Review and Giveaway.
Burns: Giveaway? For Free? Who does this chap think he is Santa Claus? Handing out free advice and books? If you didn’t pay for it, you can’t trust it, that is my motto.
Smithers: I think the book is supposed to be helpful and easy to remember.
Burns: You mean like my Social Insurance Number? Naught, Naught, Naught, Naught, Naught, Naught, Naught, Naught, One ?
Smithers: Sort of like that sir, something more topical for you, Mark from 2nd Career Search wrote about how Human Resources are the Vampire Squids of Employee Productivity and Happiness.
Burns: Good Lord, who is this Mad Man, employee happiness? Goodness? What does he want next, urinal cakes ?
Smithers: Happy employees might not want to burn the office down and kill all management?

Burns: {a confused look crosses his face} Really? There is just no telling about some folks, I suppose. What about that Preet chap and Larry MacDonald, did they write anything this week?
Smithers: Mr. MacDonald wrote about a Retiree who Likes Blue Chip Dividend Stocks, Mr. Banerjee may be preparing to go to the Monaco Grand Prix next week.
Burns: What kind of slack lackadaisical kind of business are they running? Couldn’t they whip up something about Splurging on a Budget, that might be easy. What about that Michael James fellow, is he still wearing that hat made out of cheese?
Smithers: Um… I am not sure sir, but he did write about the New Bank Fee Strategy, and he was quite sarcastic about it.
Burns: Sarcasm? Isn’t that the Bailey wick of the capering ninny who writes this terrible site? It reads like it was written by a 1000 monkeys with typewriters! How many Top 10 List jokes can that nincompoop write ?

With that we’ll see whether Mr. Burns ever returns to Springfield, or whether I have to pay royalties for stealing the Simpsonsâ„¢ material.

Burns on Money

Why do rich people need tax breaks?

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