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You’re not going to believe the trick I use while budgeting to pay down my debt load. A fool-proof way to optimize your budget no matter what your debt level.

Optimized Budget
Your Budget Will Be Optimized

This may solve your debt problems simply and if you want to know how it works, click below.

Yes, you caught me, this is a horrific piece of clap-trap that simulates many of the helpful articles you find on-line on this (and many other subjects), and if you wish to read more about this and other reasons you keep reading this stuff read A Sucker is Optimized Every Minute by Virginia Heffernan in the NY Times. The sleazy tricks played by many sites (where they love to have Top 3 Lists, I might note) are pretty darn slimy.

The key word is in the title, and that is Optimize, the new Nirvana for all things, whatever you are doing, whatever the topic, it can be Optimized.

If this had been an actual scam you would have:

  1. Been asked for your e-mail address so that I could spam your inbox with even more lousy financial ideas.
  2. Most likely have some malware inserted on your system (much like Forbes has allegedly been doing to their readers). Read my security web site if you want to know about the malware tom-foolery.
  3. Left with the feeling that you have been cheated

You want to fool-proof method to optimize your budget?

Spend less than you earn (net) and save that money, or if you are in debt, pay down your debt.

All in one sentence, now that is Optimized. Seriously, don’t fall for these quick fix ideas. It takes a while to get into financial distress, so getting out of it is not going to be quick either (unless you win the lottery (NO!! that is not a plan!!))

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  • aB January 19, 2016, 11:17 AM

    “If this had been an actual scam you would have.. Left with the feeling that you have been cheated”


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