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Digging Out, Ransomware, RRSP Time and #MoneyStories

Ottawa slowly digs out from the dump after the snowiest day in Ottawa’s recorded history. Ottawa is a delightful town where I live (on the outskirts). Side streets are almost passable now. However, downtown folks complain that the bike lanes are not being cleared fast enough. Oh, and our city buses don’t have snow tires. Think of a city of bureaucrats being run by bureaucrats who couldn’t get jobs in the Federal Government. Note that we have not called out the army. It is RRSP time, though.

Tea Toss
It was also bloody cold on the weekend (photo of a Tea Toss from CBC)

For those unaware, I am all over the place in social media. On Facebook, you can find me, but I have also opened another page on Blogging and Internet Security (still in the early stages). Speaking of security, I may have found a side hustle for my retirement given that almost half of folks payout when their systems are locked with Ransomware. Maybe I can become an expert negotiator trying to get the ransom lowered?

My Writings for the Week Ending February 19th

I started the week strong but petered out, with only two new posts this week.

Do you have a confidant that you can talk to about money? Sometimes it helps to talk out your plans, which will help you clarify your goals. If you are looking for free Advice, that is when to be careful. Pay someone to give you Advice. At least you can complain about it if it didn’t work.

I am slowly working through my backlog of older unfinished works, and there I found an interesting report about Forced Savings ideas from Stats Canada. Some interesting comments on this one as well.

Let it Snow? No, Thank you!

How my Dying Dog Impacted my Power of Attorney for Personal Care is an exciting twist from Mark the Blunt Bean Counter on figuring out your and your spouse’s philosophies in later life (for health issues). Well worth a read (as usual).

Do you have problems with your kids’ gift and money expectations? Most kids need their wanters fixed. Speaking of relationships, I also talked about this with Advice to the Love Lorn (Pension Potential).

If you’d like a quick history lesson, Marie from Boomer and Echo remembers the 80’s in History Repeats Itself: The Rise and Fall of the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry. Speaking of absenteeism, the story going around about the Spanish Civil Servant going on unapproved leave for six years and no one noticing is quite funny (especially to a fellow Civil Servant like me). Maybe Kanye West should be looking for one of those jobs to deal with his vast new debt load (no, not his wife, he has spent his way into debt).

After reading his post, Avoiding Trudeau’s Tax Increase, Michael James might be calling the Blunt Bean Counter (as the BBC is a talented accountant in tax areas). As I have said, if you tax the rich, all you are doing is putting money in Tax Lawyers’ and Accountants’ pockets, whereas taxes on poor folk like me means we pay it (and grumble a lot).

Know Thine Enemy

What happens when a chess Grand Master takes on a Parkbench Chess Hustler? Some quick moves (not all legal):

2016 Random Thoughts

Canajun Finances Home » Digging Out, Ransomware, RRSP Time and #MoneyStories

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