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The Origins of the Canadian Personal Finance Place

About 11 years ago I started writing this site, but today is the real reason behind why I started writing. Today is my son’s birthday, and if you have read through my RDSP section and a few other choice articles, you will know that it has been an “action packed” 11 years (to quote Ronnie Corbett).

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When both of us were much younger

Initially I started writing to “make a few bucks” or as a “side hustle”, not because I had any great acumen when it came to money (as you have learned if you have read more than 3 of my articles). As we realized the challenges that Rhys (my son) was going to have in life, I kept hoping that writing about it, might allow us to give him the help he needed. So far, while this site does make a little extra money, it only helps a little (for now). My wife has taken a job, and we are doing the best we can (which is pretty good) to help my son as he grows up.

In terms of how to make money on-line I have had a lot of advice, which I may follow one day, however, I also feel that I don’t want to “sell out” for a few bucks. Robb Engen from Boomer and Echo did a very good talk on his goals (in terms of income) for that site, and he actually helped me feel less “slimy” for trying to make a buck on this site, so I thank him for that.

What Does the Future Hold ?

Will you suddenly see ads for Money Mart or other places plastered all over this site, in a word NO! However in the immortal words of one of my favourite 80’s wrestlers, “Everyone has a price”, but I somehow really doubt anyone would be willing to give me that kind of money.

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  1. Kathy Your Net Worth Manager

    Thanks for blogging , we need more personal finance awareness. Government and employer provisions of all types fall short in looking after our families.
    If we go to any big institution we get a sales pitch disguised as a plan
    You do a good job with timely information , not condescending preaching at ordinary families

    Rhys is a lucky boy to have such caring parents . Best wishes for his future.

  2. Happy Birthday to Rhys!

    Thank you so much for writing.
    You are both entertaining and informative, which serves to make the information more sticky. My journey into investing and personal finance was spurred on because of my son as well. Children are a great driving force.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I always love reading peoples back story on why they started blogging, and it’s really interesting to look back at certain points and see how much has changed.

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